Churchdown Phoenix Explorers

Annual Report 2017-18

This year has been a good year for the Phoenix Explorers we have maintained our membership size of between 20 and 25 Explorers and we have 1 new Ass·1stant Explorer Leader which is a huge help. We have undertaken many activities over the year and some of the highlights are below.

The Explores have taken it in turns to organise meetings on Monday nights. These evenings have included a Quiz, Movie Nights, Pancake evening, climbing at the Warehouse in Gloucester and a Jumptastic visit. The Explorers have enjoyed several cooking evenings including:

  • Blind Recipe Cooking- where the teams received only the ingredients and the method of the recipe and were asked to create the

  • International Cooking – where teams cooked main and pudding courses from countries selected by the organizer with a budget of £5 per team and no premade items

  • Pancake Night- prizes were awarded for the most creative pancake

  • Outdoor Pizza Cooking night-where the explorers made pizzas and cooked them over a bonfire

  • Blind Can Cooking-where the labels are removed from canned foods and the Explorers select the cans for their group at random, 4 savory and 1 sweet can. There is a ‘store cupboard’ select’1on of ingred’ients and the teams must prepare a 2 course meal with the ingredients in the can. They can swap the contents of their cans with other teams should they be able to and the judges decide on the best

During the summer term the Explorers took part in many outdoor activities on meeting nights, including rock climbing, kayaking, geohiking, cycle rides around Cheltenham and Gloucester, archery and shooting. Many of the Explorers also assist as Young Leaders with the Churchdown Scout Group and assisted with the running of the above activities for the younger members of the Group as well.

The Explorers have been working towards their Physical Activity Badge undertaking sessions of Archery and Shooting regularly throughout the year and recording their progression. We have been out and about for longer periods during our summer meetings and have completed several hikes, including time walking on Cleeve Hill, bike rides and enjoyed playing Churchdown Monopoly

To improve their photographic skills the Explorers have spent several evenings throughout the year working on photography projects. Including, landscape, pictures, still life and night photography.

During this winter term the Explorers will have the opportunity to take part in the Churchdown Gangshow. Their participation is an integral part of the show and their contribution much appreciated by the Directors and Leadership Team and we hope to see many of them in our Gangshow this year. The Explorers also attended this year’s Gloucester Gangshow.

We are extremely proud to have four Explorers attending the World Scout Jamboree in West Virgina next year. We will be looking to support fund raising activities for them during the coming months and look forward to their presentations  on their return which will enable their International Scouting Badge.

In the next year we will be working towards completing several badges including Cooks and Climbers as a group and putting more Explorers through the full young leader programme. We have had an Explorer take part in a camp in Denmark and many have expressed a hope that they will be able to  attend camps both with Phoenix Explorers and that they will continue their work with the Churchdown Scout Group as Young Leaders. As with last year we will be attending the Rememberance Parade in Churchdown, St George’s Day Parade and the Scout Group Carol Service. We are looking to maintain or increase our membership throughout the coming year and with a programme that is lead by the Explorers this goal seems to be achievable.