Present : Debbie Auld, Maurice Chalker, Carolyn Adkins, Ann Golch, Hazel Finch, Brian Finch, Kathy Harpham, Dave Adkins, Nicholas Adkins, Clair Smith, Bethany Adkins, Sara Stone, Paul Gait, Helen Gait, Richard Auld, Jacky Hall, Graham Speare, Wendy Cox, Paul Barnard, Clare James, Jane Frazer-Hook, Jane Pritchard, Simon Ball, Melanie Griffiths, Gary James, Pierre Weinzweig, Jim Homer, Ben Pinnock

Apologies : Tom Batchelor, Julie Smith, Roger Smith, Joan Trinder, Keith Foord, Jez Frazer-Hook, Andy Riley

Welcome to the meeting by Debbie

Brown Lodge Management AGM

Annual Report and Financial Report retained in the AGM booklet. Hazel (Treasurer) reported that the new kitchen has been completed. No questions to Hazel regarding accounts.

Debbie (Chairman) thanked committee for their continued work and support.

Churchdown Gang Show AGM

Jane reported that all Officers to remain in place as this is a no-Show year, propose Officer election next year. Thanks to the whole team for continued support.

Apologies for not yet holding a final meeting from last Show, will be held in the future.

2016  was a successful Show with a cast of 25, compared with 32 in 2014. There were several new faces on the Production team; thanks to Nicholas for taking over the Lighting Dept, and Jane Pritchard the Costumes Dept. Also, thanks to Rich Bennett for arranging the printing. The Bar was also a financially successful new addition on Show nights.

Jane would like to acknowledge and thank Stuart Hall for all the help and support given to the Show over many years.

The Financial Report was distributed at the meeting, overall profit from 2016 Show was £1456. No questions for Jane regarding accounts

Adoption of last year’s Churchdown Scout Group AGM minutes

Proposed : Dave Adkins

Second : Richard Auld

Treasurer’s Report

Presented by Maurice, report retained in booklet; no questions.

Debbie thanked Maurice for his hard work all year.

Adoption of Treasurer’s Report. Proposed : Richard Auld, Second : Jacky Hall

Election of Officers

Maurice to step down as Treasurer, Brian Finch to take over. Maurice to stay on Executive Committee

Ann Golch to step down from Executive Committee; thanks to Ann for many years of hard work.

Chair – Debbie Auld to continue for immediate future, Treasurer – Brian Finch, Secretary – Carolyn Adkins, GSL – Debbie Auld

Committee members – Jacky Hall, Helen Gait, Julie Smith, Clair Smith, Joan Trinder, Clare James

Proposed : Paul Gait, Second : Dave Adkins

Brown Lodge Management Officer – Jacky to join committee as a Scout Group representative.

Proposed : Dave Adkins, Second : Paul Gait

Section Reports

Retained in AGM booklets.

GSL’s Report and Awards

Successful year, the Group remains active and attracts new members. (Report retained in AGM booklet). Debbie thanked all Leaders and supporters for their help and support. There will be a need for Leader training, in particular towing courses, and it was therefore disappointing to have to cancel our planned fund-raising event due to lack of parental support. Awards made as follows : Phoenix Award – Paul Gait for providing much extra assistance during a challenging year for the Group. GSL Bell – Stuart Hall for outstanding dedication and work within the Group over many years. Lifeline Award – Maurice Chalker for 21 years of service as Treasurer to the Group.

Subscriptions for 2017/2018

Executive Committee propose increase from £37 to £40 per term from Sept 2017

Propose : Clair Smith, Second : Pierre Weinzweig

AOB  None

Meeting closed, refreshments served