Brown Lodge Management Chair’s Report 2018

The Committee has been busy again this year ensuring that Brown Lodge continues to be maintained. New tap tops have been installed to help the small children with the turning off of the taps. The broken hand dryer in the boys toilet has also been replaced. Thanks for this to Rich Auld and Nick Adkins.

Graham James continues to maintain the garden but has also helped Paul Gait with other outside works. A new system has been put in place for accessing the back of Brown Lodge whilst outside hiring is taking place as well as some white lines to help ensure users park sensibly. Thank you, Paul and Graham. Jacky Hall has also been busy ensuring Brown Lodge is clean. Thank you, Jacky.

We have had some issues with the heating system this year resulting in the changing of the room thermostat. We hope that this coming winter will not see the same problems. I need to say a thank you to Pierre Wienzwieg who looks after the adjustment and timing of the heating for letting ,to helps ensure costs are kept to a minimum.

Others who are not part of the Scout and Guide movements using Brown Lodge help us with the upkeep and ensure rents for sections and units are kept low. The’Zumba’ Group continue to meet on Wednesdays and we have a regular Drama Group on a Saturday morning, as well as the Birthday Party bookings. Thank you to Paul Gait who looks after the letting of Brown Lodge.

The Committee have, once again, given me great support and I would like to thank them for all their hard work throughout the past year.

Debbie Auld – Chair Brown Lodge Management