Cub Scout Section – Grey Pack Annual Report 2017 – 2018


Numbers in the Pack have been slowly increasing again during the past year, now holding steady around the mid 20’s. Our focus has been prominently on challenge badges and staged awards.Thc changed  budget requirements a couple of years ago made it more challenging  to be able to achieve the Chief Scout’s Silver Award, so we are trying to cover all the necessary activities.


We have now just completed a two year cycle where we have maintained this focus, and are now seeing the first Cubs for a while being awarded their Chief Scout’s Silver Award – although this is certainly not a given, but requires a lot of effort from each Cub Scout.


2017 Cub Camp was later than usual. in mid June, which was a two night camp at St Swithun’s Hall. Leonard Stanley. Despite the small grassed areas this proved to be a very good camp, and was suited to the fairly small number of Cubs who attended (14).


Our seventh ‘annual’ Pinewood Derby night was just before Easter this year. which proved as popular and ever supported ac; ever. Each Cub was able to take part by constructing their own racing vehicles. and we were again amazed  at some of the designs. This year we invited Leaders from other Packs in the Gloucester District to come along to find out more about this activity – as we remain the only Pack locally to hold Pinewood Derby events. Whilst Leaders from one Pack did join us, we’re not holding our breath for an active competitor quite yet.

2018 Cub Camp was at the beginning of May, when we revisited Warren Oak. just north of Ledbury for three nights. This was slightly better supported than last year. although we did have the highest rate of homesickness for a long time. The weather was very favorable and we pretty mueh had the whole site to ourselves – and it’s huge! Included in our number we had one Cub, at the time transitioning to Scouts, who attended camp principally to secure his third ‘night away’, being the final requirement for his Chief Scouts’ Silver Award, which he was subsequently presented with, along with his completed Challenge badges.


During regular Pack meetings through 2017 and so far in 2018 we have covered World Scouting, different countries and cultures, health and fitness, knotting, navigation/map reading, hiking – including our annual winter night hike and sausage supper for Cubs plus family members, mini pioneering, climbing (at the Gloucester Climbing Centre), swimming (at Brockworth pool), and most recently we took around half the Pack to the Gloucester District Cubs Fun Day at Cranham.


The Cub Section remains dependent on a small number of warranted Leaders (and I extend my sincere thanks to both of our ACSLs) – although in addition we are extremely grateful to the Explorer Scouts/young leaders who provide valuable help.


From September we anticipate a significant increase in the Pack’s size, With a number of Beavers all having their 8th birthdays during the summer. This will result in the Pack growing to significantly more than 30, with only three warranted Leaders. This ·will have an inevitable adverse impact on the activities we will be able to cover. As a consequence we expect to stop taking anyone from our waiting list until numbers drop down again, limiting new membership to Beaver transfers.


Therefore we need to secure additional Leaders for the Cub Section as a priority to ensure we can cope with the increased demands, can accommodate the children who are keen to join us, in addition to providing us with a realistic succession plan.


Graham Speare

Cub Scout Leader. Grey Pack