Cub Scout Section – Grey Pack Annual Report  2016 – 2017

The past year has again seen the number of Cubs in the Pack staying at a consistent level, remaining in the low 20’s. During the year we have tried to focus more prominantly on the challenge badges and staged awards during Pack meetings, as Cubs generally have more of an opportunity to work on some of the activity badges at home.

So far none of our Cubs have completed their Chief Scout’s Silver Award under the new equirements. The new requirements are much more diverse, require a lot more focus on them , and we haven’t yet worked through a full two year cycle to cover off all of the challenge badges (i.e. during the time a Cub is generally with the Pack). The next few months should hopefully see the first of our Cubs being able to complete all of the badges – although we do realistically expect  only a fairly small proportion of the Pack to acheive their Silver Award.

2016 was the centenary of Cub Scouts, and for our Cub Camp we joined the Gloucestershire County Centenary Camp at Rhydd covert, next to West Midlands Safari Park. This was a fun packed and hectic weekend enjoyed by everyone, with over 800 Cub Scouts in attendance!

Transportation was provided for this camp, arranged by County, which if anything proved the let­ down, as the return journey proved somewhat lengthier than anticipated. However, for those who attended this camp was a definite memory moment that nobody will forget in a hun-y.

Our sixth ‘annual’ Pinewood Derby night was just before Easter this year, which proved as popular and well supported as previously. Every Cub took part by constructing their racing cars (or other assorted  vehicles), and we were again amazed at some of the designs.

During regular Pack meetings through 2016 and so far in 2017 we have covered World Scouting, different countries and cultures, health and fitness, knotting, map reading, hiking, mini  pioneering, road safety, cooking, and the local community, including a visit to the Gloucester North Fire Station just before the recent half term break. Most recently, our Sixers and Seconders attended the annual District Sixers evening at Robinswood Hill this past Friday.

The Cub Section remains dependent on a small number of warranted Leaders – and we are also extremely grateful to the Explorer Scouts / young leaders who provide additional valuable support. My thanks therefore extend to both the Pack’s warranted Leaders, and the Explorer Scouts who have given their time to help the Pack.

Graham Speare

Cub Scout Leader, Grey Pack