Group Scout Leaders AGM Report  2017

Since taking over as Group Scout Leader in December I have had a steep learning curve. Although I had been Group Chair for a number of years the work of a GSL is very different. I have therefore been focusing on getting to know the work of the Sections. Everyone has been very supportive and I  would like say thank you.

The early part of the year was a difficult time with the sadloss of Stuart Hall who had served as GSL twice in Churchdown’s history. I know Stuart was concerned about ensuring the continuation of the Group and I discussed with him taking on the role of GSL. He was very pleased and gave me the advice that I should do it my way. Whilst I may not always get it right, with your support I know we will continue to give great Scouting to the young people of Churchdown and the surrounding area. Group member numbers remain strong and there are constant enquires via our website and by other means from those wishing to join Scouting in Churchdown.

The focus for the future needs to be succession planning. We have the very best dedicated leaders but many have expressed the need for younger leaders to step in and slowly take hold of the reins. New leaders in all areas are needed for this, so we all need to identify those who potentially will take the Group into the future and encourage them to join us. Those younger leaders who consider stepping up should not be daunted by the thought of running a section, you will not beleft on your own. Leader training needs also to be focused on for old and new leaders as this is also vital to ensure the continuation of the Group.

I wish to express my thanks to the Executive Committee who have worked hard this year ensuring the finances of the Group are well kept. A grant has enabled us to purchase some new equipment to replace ageing kit. It wasdisappointing that we had to cancel the SO’s Night fundraising event due to lack of support. If anyone has any suggestions as to events that will get more support please let any member of the Executive know. We would also welcome new Executive Committee members. If anyone wishes to become a member let me know.

By becoming GSL I need to step down as Group Chair and appoint a new Chair. This needs careful consideration to ensure the continuation of good working relations. At the time of writing this I have not  yet identified a successor but  continue to look.

Debbie Auld.

Group Scout Leader.