Group Scout Leader AGM Report 2018

This year has seen numbers decline in some sections but flourish in others. That said Scouting in Churchdown still remains strong. We have constant enquiries through our website and by other means from those wishing to join Scouting in Churchdown. We have a long waiting list for the younger sections.

Although we have been fortunate this year to gain new leaders in the Beaver and Explorer Sections, who we have been extremely pleased to welcome to the Group, the focus for the future still needs to be succession planning. We have the very best dedicated leaders, but many have expressed the need for younger leaders to step in and slowly take hold of the reins. New leaders are needed for this, so we all need to identify those who potentially will take the Group into the future and encourage them to join us. Those younger leaders who consider stepping up should not be daunted by the thought of running a section, you will not be left on your own. It is very much a team approach. Leader training needs also to be focused on for old and new leaders as this is also vital to ensure the continuation of the Group.

Jacky Hall one of our long serving Scout Leaders has given over 5O years of Service to Scouting and this year was awarded the Sliver Acorn. Well done Jacky. I know your experience and knowledge supports other leaders in many ways. Other Long Service awards have been given to Keith Foord, Dave Adkins, Louise Fazeli, Paul Barnard, Megan Goddard, Wendy Cox and Andy Riley.

I wish to express my thanks to the Executive Committee who have worked hard this year ensuring the finances of the Group are well kept. A special thanks to Maurice Chalker who stood down at last years AGM as Group Treasurer but has remained on the Executive and continues to give the Group great support. Maurice received a long service award this year as did Joan Trinder which is exceptional for non-uniformed members. Thanks also to Brian Finch who maintains our website and has taken over as Group Treasurer. We would welcome new Executive Committee members, if anyone wishes to become a member let me know.

This year I have continued to cover the role of Chair as I have not identified a replacement. The Executive are so strong and work so well this has not affected the running of the Group.