Phoenix Logo FULL

Churchdown Scout Group was made up from three Gloucester District groups, 55th which met at the old St John’s church hall, red scarf with white border and 43rd and 34th, one met at Sandycroft Youth Centre the other at The Methodist Church, Chapel Hay Lane. This merger happened in 1967 when the uniform also changed.


It was after this change that it was decided we needed a group logo and as the three existing groups had just ceased to be, it was thought that the mythical creature that rose from the ashes and is known as the Phoenix should become our logo.


As to Brown Lodge, the Reverend Brown who owned the land, bequeathed it to Churchdown Guides but on their own they could not afford to build a headquarters on it so they approached the Scouts to see if anything could be done.  After many years fund raising including getting the scouts and guides to collect old newspapers (the original recycling??) the building began.  The majority of the build was done by volunteer parents etc and Brown Lodge was born.


If anone has any more history of the group I would be very pleased to receive it, you can contact me on