Churchdown Cubs


The second section is Cubs. This section is for boys and girls aged 8 to 10½ years old. Cubs in Churchdown enjoy a huge variety of activities from swimming to exploring, to cooking, to camping. There is something for everyone in Cubs, and our members get the chance to build on skills and activities tried in Beavers, as well as learning and trying new things. Our Cub membership covers more than one school, giving your child the chance to mix with different young people and make new friends.
Cubs usually have an “Akela” who is in charge of the pack, and often the other leaders are named after Jungle Book characters. This is because Baden Powell who started Scouting used his friend Rudyard Kipling’s book to base many of the early activities and themes of Cub Scouts or Wolf Cubs as they were then known!


Nights Away

Going away is a big part of Cub Scouting, with weekend trips happening each year. These are usually in tents which add excitement to the trip, although Cubs may sometimes stay in halls, purpose built pack holiday centres, or at Scout Activity Centres. The camps normally have a theme, and often the cubs will earn badges whilst they are away.  Another part of Cub Scouting is learning to hike, learning how to read a map, use a compass, or simply following a trail.


Earning Badges

Earning badges is one of the other best things about being a Cub and they have lots of badges that cover loads of different topics. Cub Scouts are encouraged to work on badges at home, as well as with their friends on pack nights. With badges for everything from astronomy, to DIY, to martial arts and beyond, you will find that most of your child’s hobbies and interests will be covered in a Cub Badge!


After Cubs

When a Cub Scout gets close to 10½ they begin to move on to Scouts. This is a chance for young people to learn about what happens at a weekly Scout meeting, meet the other members of the Scout Troop and the Leaders, reflect on what they have enjoyed at Cubs and say goodbye to life with the Cub Pack. When they are ready, they have a celebration and are formally invested as a member of the Scout Troop.


When and Where?

Churchdown Cubs meet on Wednesdays between 6:45pm and 8:00pm at our own headquarters Brown Lodge Church Road in Churchdown Village.


Cub Uniform

Cub Uniform