The colony has averaged 20 to 24 Beavers during the last year and is going strong with  many Beavers gaining their Bronze Chief Scout Challenge Award. In the Beaver section we are successful in giving a balanced programme for different achievement levels and where games are now problem solving missions. We also ask for support from parents  when it comes to some activities that cannot  be done during  our weekly  sessions  and could be in the holidays and/or at school but can still be counted towards our aims and objectives.

This year the programme has been varied so as to cover as many areas  as possible of all  six challenge  badges that comprise the Bronze award.

We have had two sleepovers during the year, our own at Brown  Lodge at the end of June last year and more recently a joint one with Highnam Beavers at Leonard Stanley Scout HQ where the theme was Native Americans, making and painting tepees (a sheet covering bamboo poles) and junk modelling totem poles and making plasticine  models  showing beliefs and ancient skills within a tribe. There have been  achievements  in  gaining  the badges of hikes away (the torch walk over Chosen Hill followed by the chip supper) and others which have incorporated the staged  Navigation  badge. There was a visit to Croft  Farm Waterpark where the Nautical Skills and Time on Water badges were gained. Some Beavers have done their Hobbies, Collectors, Swimming and Sports badges. We had an evening at the Aviator, Staverton, doing stage 1 of the  Aircraft  Badge  and  we’ve  done Health and Fitness, Disability Awareness when our guest was Paralympian, Piers Gulliver, a wheelchair fencing medallist. Communication and Emergency Aid (stages 1 and 2) badges were completed with the Community  Impact (stage 1) is still ongoing.

The 30 year birthday challenges continued with marking the occasion of Beavers being 30 years including linking with another Beaver colony over 30 miles away and  sharing information about the activities we each did. Beavers attended  the Remembrance  Sunday, the Scout Group Carol Service and the St George’s Day parade, the event at which  all scouting members renew their promise at Gloucester Cathedral.

Thanks to all the leaders, both adult and young, and to everyone who has helped and supported us – it is much appreciated. If anyone would like to become involved, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Tic-tac (Louise Fazeli) BSL June 2017